Rene Caovilla
Razan Alazzouni

Italian luxury shoe label Rene Caovilla has turned to Saudi fashion designer Razan Alazzouni to help in honouring their Middle Eastern customers. The storied shoe brand and the designer, who is known for clothes that exude femininity and elegance and celebrate the delicacy and grace of the female form, have created a limited-edition capsule of bridal shoes. Edoardo Caovilla, the Creative Director of the brand globally recognised for its timeless style and appeal, felt Alazzouni, was the perfect choice as they have similar aims. “Razan Alazzouni is an artist who shares our love for creating beautiful and intricate pieces which are designed to celebrate femininity,” he said.

Rene Caovilla and Razan Alazzouni selected three of the brand’s most iconic models, with the equally intricate and unique “Cleo,” “Regina” and  “Veneziana” representing distinct bridal personalities. What’s more, they have made sure each striking design, customised with the finest embroideries, crystals and leathers, is comfortable to wear. All the shoes feature a 75mm heel specifically selected to enhance and facilitate what would undeniably be the most special day in the wearer’s life.