Razan Alazzouni

The Art of Gold at Piaget

At Piaget, gold is more than just a material; it is our obsession, our expertise and it is that same passion for gold that pushes our boundaries of gold smithing even further. Piaget is one of the few Maisons to have its own gold foundry, allowing total control throughout the creative process and thus our gold is weaved, sculpted and shaped like a fine couture fabric to be worn with flair.

Sophistication Meets Daring

Alazzouni reinterpreted the new Piaget Possession Decor Palace collection and its art of gold by creating two embroidered artworks showcasing the Piaget signature gold crafting technique, Decor palace; a technique that Piaget has been incorporating since the 1960s, inspired by the guilloché technique traditionally used in watchmaking. Despite it’s softness, the Decor Palace technique catches and holds the light allowing gold to shine bright even in the lowest of lighting.

The Artwork

Each of the exceptional embroideries extends the artistic expression of the collaboration between Piaget and Alazzouni, showcasing virtuoso techniques and craftsmanship, revealing several surprises in sumptuous gold forms done by threads and beads and opening the doors of the imagination by transforming Possession into thick gold and pearl loops and the Decor Palace explodes in fireworks.

Piaget Limited Edition Jewellery Pouches

The embroideries will also be featured on a special limited edition jewellery pouch created to celebrate the launch of Possession Decor Palace collection in three different designs showcasing a true expression of Piaget gold craftsmanship.